Application & Information

Please note: An official application must be obtained from the Township office.

Click here to download a sample application. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it. Click the graphic to download Acrobat Reader.

Summit Township Zoning Application Instructions

Section 1: Application for:

* Check the appropriate type of request.
* Use a separate application for each type of request.
* Note the filing dates at the right.

Section 2: Applicant Information:

* Applicant name(s). (If a corporation, partnership or different than owner, a letter of authorization must be attached.)
* Phone--list area code, plus number, and extension number is available. (Please note if it is a home or work number, or list both numbers.)
* Address--list street number, full street name, city, state, and zip code.
* Bottom line--use this line for additional information such as time available to be contacted.

Section 3: Owner information:

* Same requirements as Section 2 except letter of authorization is not necessary if the owner is the applicant.

Section 4: Property Information:

* Address or location--this requires either the street number, full street name, and zip code or the full street name with nearest intersection, lot number of a subdivision, unit number of a condominium project, or other detail that will help locate the property.
* Permanent parcel #-- this is a fifteen (15) digit number which identifies the property and can be found on the property tax statements in the assessing office.
* Current Zone District--is available through the zoning office; a lot number in a subdivision, a unit number in a site condominium project, a metes and bounds number or the permanent parcel number is necessary in order to locate the current zoning district.
* Property size--in length and width.
* All requests must have a legal description attached. This may be obtained from a current tax statement, from the assessing office, or a copy of the property deed.
* Site drawing--survey and pictures are as required by the type of request.

Section 5: Narrative Description:

* All requests much have attached a narrative description of the use request which includes specifics of the request; in addition, surveys, site drawings, pictures, letters of authorization, check lists, legal descriptions and other required letters must be attached as required by the type of application.

Section 6: 

Is optional, but is very important in helping the Township and its various boards in performing their function and will allow the boards to provide the applicant and township residents with the best possible decision.

Section 7: 

Is for Township use and is used to insure that required fees and documents have been received.