Illegal Real Estate Signs

This is just a reminder concerning the placement of any real estate signs, (including arrow signs) upon property other than that being sold.

The following excerpt is from the sign regulations of the Zoning Ordinance: "Temporary real estate direction signs, not exceeding three (3) square feet in area and four (4) in number, showing a directional arrow placed back of the property line, shall be permitted on approach routes to an open house, only for the day of the open house. Signs shall not exceed three (3) feet in height.

In residential districts, one (1) temporary real estate "For Sale," "For Rent," or "For Lease" sign, located on the property and not exceeding six (6) square feet in area shall be permitted. In all other zoning districts one (1) sign of this type shall be permitted, provided it does not exceed thirty-two (32) square feet in area in all other districts shall be permitted. Under no circumstances shall more than two (2) such signs be permitted on a lot. Such signs shall be removed within seven (7) days following the sale, rent, or lease.

In no case shall a sign advertise the sale, rent, or lease of a building that is not located on such property be permitted.