Pay Your Summit Bills Online

Now you can pay your Summit Township Real Estate Taxes and Water and Sewer Bills Online. There are two different Options.


DELINQUENT ACCOUNTS: Water & Sewer Usage, Water Assessments, Unpaid Mowing, and False Alarms are payable at the Township up to AUGUST 31, 2022. Any delinquent w/s usage that is two (2) quarters or more due as of June 30, 2022, needs to be paid by AUGUST 31, 2022. Any unpaid delinquent amounts will be placed on the Winter tax roll as of September 1st, 2022 and can no longer be paid at the office.

We now have the feature of sending your water/sewer bill by email!  If you would like to go paperless, please email me the property address and the email address you would like to use to receive your water/sewer bill.
Send to:

Option 1: the money for the bill is taken directly out of the bank account that you specify.This service is free.

Click here to pay your Summit Township Taxes or Water/Sewer Bill using Option 1 (no fee)

REMINDER: If you want Autopay for your taxes, you will need to setup Autopay for each season - Summer and Winter - when they are mailed out to you.

NOTE:  Residential water and sewer flat rate customers will see increases in rates
each April 1 from 2018 through 2022.   For dollar amounts,  see  =>here<=

If you sell your home, make sure you remove any automatic online payments. The township is not responsible for payments in error by the user.


Your online payments are posted to your account based on the "REAL TIME AND DATE" of your submitting payment date not the "Desired Payment Date". The Desired Payment Date is a schedule date your savings or checking account will be debited through the ACH process. As the due date approaches the Desired Payment Date will show a date after the due date of the bill. You can still enter a payment with the Desired Payment Date that is beyond the "Actual Due Date". THE SYSTEM RECORDS THE "REAL TIME AND DATE" OF YOUR ACTUAL ONLINE PAYMENT.

**NOTE** You, the user, are responsible to update your online information and payments. The system uses the banking information you submitted on the date it creates the payment file for the Federal Reserve and it can't be updated.  Please make sure you have the correct banking information on your account.  The system will try your account two times for a NSF payment based on the original bank information you put in.  Your bank may or will charge you for each attempt of payment.  You will be charged a NSF Fee of $20.00 for any reason your payment is returned as uncollectible. If you want to cancel a second attempt of collecting funds, there will be a $15.00 fee added to your account.

Option 2: The money for the bill is charged to the credit card you specify. To pay electronically by credit card call 1-855-839-7002 or by Internet access the website . There is a convenience fee for this service.