Sewer & Water Construction

Summit Township Construction And Authorization Procedure For Sanitary Sewer And Water Main Construction

It is recommended that all construction bidders obtain a written set of Summit Township Specifications before bidding process, as the Engineer and Contractor will be responsible for knowledge of same.

The Design Engineer will be responsible for all construction inspections. Said inspections must meet Summit Specifications. Upon project completion, the Engineer must submit three (3) sets of certified As Built Drawings to the Summit Township Department of Public Works along with mylars.

Materials Used Not Meeting Summit Specifications Must Be Replaced With Approved Materials At The Cost Of The Contractor And/Or Engineer.

No construction may begin prior to Summit Township reviewing plans and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality issuing a permit.

No alteration of plans after permit issued by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality without prior written authorization from same as well as Summit Township.

Water Main pressure testing must meet Summit Township specifications and be witnessed by Summit Township personnel. Pressure testing must not take place prior to Bacti-Samples being collected by Summit Township and the receipt of said results.

No service connections shall be made to main constructions until the above steps have been complete and accepted by Summit Township.